Detox Foods: Is Cabbage That Cool..?

Detox Foods: Is Cabbage That Cool..?

Much like Brussels sprouts, cabbage also lists on the internet as a fabulous liver Detoxing food.

Well, while cabbage can help keep the cardiovascular system healthy, thanks to its kaempferol content, and the fact that cabbage contains several nutrients that may benefit the stomach and intestinal lining… it does have a dark side..

Actually it’s not that cabbage has a dark side itself – a cabbage is a cabbage – it’s the way it interacts with your body that makes it right for you or not! 

In some bodies, cabbage can reduce the activity of the thyroid gland, even if iodine is sufficient, and, in high quantities, it can lower thyroid activity which in the long run can lead to weight gain, lethargy, depression and fatigue. Cabbage can also be cause of excess digestive gas because of it’s sulfur content..

So even though Cabbage may be healthy for some, it can certainly be more harmful for others! Just goes to show it’s all about YOU!



Bex M

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