Lose 5 Pounds Now: How to Fast Track Weight Loss

Whether you’ve been on a diet for as long as you can remember or you’re simply looking to shed a few extra pounds, we’ve got news for you. It’s both bad and good, so we’ll lay the bad news on you first.

What you might not want to hear is that there is no single cure-all weight loss solution that works the same way for everyone. That’s why the Paleo diet might work well for your neighbor but not for you. And why spinning may be a great way for your husband to stay trim, but could actually lead to injury for your body.

Why? That’s where the good news comes in. What you’ll be thrilled to learn is that not only is there a way to lose 5 pounds fast, there’s an easy way to lose even more than that, even more quickly than you might imagine.

And that way is the personalized diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan. Just like there are no two bodies exactly alike (identical siblings aside) on the face of the planet, there are also countless variations of diets and fitness plans that those bodies require in order to reach their ideal weight. Personalizing a weight loss plan is the only truly effective way to get the results you want.

So rather than attempt to follow the latest and supposedly greatest fad diets and trendy exercise classes, you’ll do best to discover what works uniquely for your body. Because when your body is getting what it needs to be at its healthiest, extra weight will fall off without any resistance.

Here are 3 season-appropriate tips to transform the way you think about weight loss, starting right now:

  • Eat right for the season. Though it may be trendy to eat “in season”, there’s an inherent body wisdom about it, too. Your body needs foods that are appropriate for the climate in which it’s living. In cooler months, that means eating foods that are warming, like soups, and in hotter months, that means eating foods that are cooling, like water-rich fruits and vegetables.

    The ph360 FOOD dashboard can give you precise recommendations for the foods that are right for you at distinct times of year. Eating foods that help your body stay in balance will also help you drop those unwanted pounds!
  • Find your ideal climate. Different bodies thrive in different climates. If your body is constantly trying to stay warm because you live in a place that’s too cold for your genetic profile, it may be particularly difficult to lose weight.Let your ph360 PLACE dashboard guide changes to your environment that can help you lose weight fast, and for good. It may be as simple as making a point to take a vacation to your ideal climate once a year.
  • Exercise for your body. Every body needs a different type of exercise in order to stay healthy and keep its metabolism activated. While that could be mellow stretching and calisthenics for some, it might be heavy upper body weight training for others.Learn what works for you on your ph360 FITNESS dashboard!

It’s time to take the personalized approach to weight loss that’s fast and lasting. Start today at ph360.me!



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