Lose Weight Fast Before the Holidays Hit

When you think of November and December, does your stomach clench in anticipation of all the hard food choices you’ll have to make in the kitchen and at countless holiday parties? How do you stay trim during a two month glut of feasting? And if you’re on a diet, how do you stay motivated, focused, and fulfilled while the people around you are throwing dietary caution to the wind?

Two words: Personalize it. When you personalize your diet, pesky social challenges like overeating and cravings naturally fall away. Your body receives the nutrients it needs, your metabolism finds balance, and your hormones are stabilized. All of this translates to a much happier digestive system and a lean and clean body.

It’s also why fad diets so rarely work, and often lead to yo yo weight loss and weight gain. Everyone’s body needs completely different nutrients, and trying to fit your dietary needs into someone else’s formula only leads to a host of challenges. The foremost of which is difficulty losing weight, or even weight gain.

So when it comes time to actually lose weight for good (it can really happen!), it’s critical to find the foods that serve your body from the inside out. ph360 uses your body’s measurements, lifestyle, and your health history to determine the specific foods that will be most valuable in helping you achieve your health goals. It also targets those foods you should avoid.

With hundreds of foods on those two lists, you’ll suddenly have access to a truly personalized way of eating. You’ll also know how often you should eat those foods, and why. Knowledge is power—and the ability to understand what foods you should be eating and when in order to lose weight is truly empowering.

But even if you know the best foods for you to eat, it can be difficult to make wise choices in the face of tables full of cakes and pies. We know. Cravings get the best of all of us. But here’s the thing: When your body is truly in balance, cravings come less often and are more easily silenced.

Eating the whole, unprocessed foods that nourish your body, it’s far easier to say no to the foods that you know will make you feel sluggish, plug up your digestion, and cloud your brain. It’s time to change your approach to holiday eating, and that starts with making smart food choices everyday.

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