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I’ve recently spent 9 days in Golden, Colorado doing personal, business and speaker training, pushing myself to the edge and beyond of my comfort zone. When I’m on that edge sometimes, that little very annoying voice in my head is asking: “Why are you doing this to yourself? You could be at home drinking coffee with friends, sitting with your feet up watching TV, walking the dog. You hated school and aren’t particularly clever.”

Is this little voice familiar to you too?

However, there is another part of me that loves to learn, that you could say is addicted to learning and is not happy if it’s not being challenged to learn something new. My knees may be knocking and my heart pounding as I step up onto stage to present my speech, take a new step in my business, or do a sales conversation with a perspective client, but they all are part of what make my life worth living.

I had a business coach a few years ago who told me I needed to step up and use more of what I’d learnt and “stop doing courses and put what you already know into practice”. She was right that I needed to step up at that time; but not doing courses! That might have been the right approach for her, but it wasn’t right for me. My body and mind are not content if they are not learning something new. Listening to webinars, summits and reading self help books for me is relaxing and enjoyable as well as increasing my knowledge. It certainly does not feel like hard work. ph360, which I use personally, and am a coach for, describes my biotype as an Activator and what I need is to be stimulated physically and mentally with periods of rest to be optimally healthy. Certainly if I give myself this balance, I feel great. I have to be sure that I don’t forget the rest and downtime though, when I get caught up in a new challenge!

When I joined ph360 in March last year in the mind section it said I like to be competitive. My first reaction, which is actually quite a common one for an Activator was “no I’m not”. I’m not particularly competitive in a sporting context, for me it’s more about taking part than winning. But I realised after sitting with it for a while and doing some shadow work (looking at parts of me that may be clear to those around me, but are hidden from me) around ‘I am competitive’, that I am very competitive with myself, always pushing myself on to learn, to challenge myself to do something new.

Do you know what your body and mind need to be healthy and energised?

Getting the right environment for YOU in every aspect of your life can not only transform your health, but also your relationships and career.  Health is not just about diet and exercise, its every aspect of you.

By Pam Lob




Author: ph360

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