Meet the Faces Behind ph360: Diana Anderson

Full Name: Diana Anderson


What is your journey that led you to personalized health?  

When I was 18 years old a bookstore owner introduced me to natural childbirth and eating well to grow healthy babies. Then I met a chiropractor who shared healthy lifestyle tips during my office visits. I continued to learn about health over many years and slowly made changes. When I found ph360, I was willing to do all I could to improve my health on an ongoing basis and to continually change and grow. Health is my number one goal for a quality life.


What is your role within ph360/Shae? What are you involved in day-to-day?

I am VP of coaching, which means that I do live trainings, online video trainings, and I train ph360 health coaches. My role also involves coaching health professionals and other influential health leaders, producing and editing videos, supporting ph360 staff with technical issues and coaching participants at health retreats.


What makes ph360/Shae different in your opinion?

ph360/Shae is truly a unique platform from any other that is able to create a program specific to the needs of each person. As a health coach I see people following the program and gaining new levels of health from simple changes that no other program recognizes as valuable, such as exercising at the right time of day or waking up at the right time for their body, just to name a few.


What is your biotype? And what do you love most about being your biotype?

I am an Activator. I love that I am a balance of the logical ectomorph and the heart centered endomorph. I get to have some of the best of both of those biotypes. I love that it’s normal that I can’t sit still and I need to eat all the time. I also feel better knowing that patience is not my strong suit because of my body type, and that is okay.


What is your favorite part of being on Team ph360/Shae? What do you enjoy most? Definitely the people who work on the team is the best part. Some of the most wonderful people that I know work on this team and they are fun, loving, conscious people.


Do you have any funny stories or memorable moments from your time as part of Team ph360/Shae?

Some of my favorite times in ph360 were when Matt and Bex stayed in Boise at Jules’ house when ph360 first launched. I went upstairs where they were staying and the bedroom was around 100 degrees fahrenheit. I told Bex that she didn’t have to keep the room so warm and she said she was comfortable and loved it. She even had a blanket over her. In the evenings Bex would make the most amazing health desserts from fruit and nuts without a recipe. We would sit around and talk and Matt would tell us what ph360 would become and now almost everything he told us back then has already happened two and a half years later. It seemed so huge to accomplish back then, but thanks to a capable team, so much is done and continuing to unfold in a beautiful fashion.


What tip/s for health and happiness do you have for the ph360/Shae community?

Love your body into health, always continue to treat your body well, give it what it needs and be grateful for your body. Being conscious and aware of our physical self is one of the greatest gifts we can give to it.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I am grateful to be a part of this powerful, heart centered team doing great work for a healthier world.




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