Meet the Faces Behind ph360: Jules Lynn

Name: Juliel Lynn

(Everyone calls me Jules!)


What is your journey that led you to personalized health?  

My journey to personalized health began when my son was diagnosed with incurable degenerative kidney disease. His kidneys were only 40% of their original size and function. This was in 1991 and transplants were not as well organized and available. I felt helpless and knew nothing about how to proceed. When my son asked me if he was going to die… I felt an enormous energy rise up from my feet and explode through my heart and I knew he was going to be okay… not fixed with a transplant but 100% cured. Through a series of synchronicities and miracles, 8 months later my son’s kidneys were at 100% size and functioning at full capacity. Since that time, I have only been to a doctor a handful of times. I know the power of healing is in our mind and in our heart.    


What is your role within ph360/Shae? What are you involved in day-to-day?

My role with ph360 is VP Experience. This is every opportunity our members have to join us online, in courses and in far away lands 😉


What makes ph360/Shae different in your opinion?

I love ph360/Shae because now people have the power to know the formula to remedy the imbalances in their body. All they have to do is do it 😉




What is your biotype? And what do you love most about being your biotype?

I’m a Connector. I love people, especially my family… and even my friends are like my family. Actually, even people I barely know are like my family.


What is your favorite part of being on Team ph360/Shae? What do you enjoy most?

The absolute best part of ph360 are the people. If you have ever attended an event, course or retreat… you have had the opportunity to understand what I’m sharing. The most incredible people are on the ph360 Team and are members of ph360. There is a level of love and consciousness not present in other places.

Last November, I joined one of our retreats as a participant. I knew the Retreats were transformational because I had seen so many people experiencing such amazing shifts. What I left the retreat with was peace… space… trust. It’s like the emotions that were running me like weeds were released and now there is a lovely open space for me to plant my heart’s desires. I wish this for everyone in the world.


Design (23)


Do you have any funny stories or memorable moments from your time as part of Team ph360/Shae?

I have so many funny stories and memorable moments… it’s hard to choose. Ah.. this is a connector thing 😉  My favorite thing is cooking for Matt. He always says he is not hungry and he won’t eat. I say, “Are you sure?” and he says, “Absolutely… I’m not eating”. So I cook up something completely yummy… and he comes in, “Oh… that looks amazing Jules!!!”  I say, “Oh would you like a little?” He says, “Oh.. Do you have enough?” HA HA! I’m a connector… there’s enough for at least 8 extra people 😉 I say, “Of course Matty… I made this for you.”


What tip for health and happiness do you have for the ph360/Shae community?

The best way to improve your health is to know your purpose and why you want to improve your health. What do you have at stake? Health impacts all areas of life… Let’s make now the right time to get really clear about what is most important and what inspires us to make the choices that cause us to thrive!!





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