Nurture Day Holiday

It’s a holiday, and although you may not have to go to work, you might feel that you have other obligations. But what if you did what you wanted instead of filling other duties? What could you do instead to be happy; rest, take a break or read a book? What would your holiday look and feel like if you took care of yourself? 

In regards to your health and PH360, there are always little things that you can tweak just a bit that set your compass heading and make large changes in your health in the long run. PH360 will help you fine tune your heading so that a strong healthy body is in your long-term future and you will have tons of fun while exciting growth happens for you personally and professionally. 

One area to keep in mind, that is easy for all of us to lose sight of, is personal nurturing. When you can make sure that you are meeting your own personal needs for rest, exercise that fills up your lungs, making time for your hobbies, connecting with old friends, having a special dish that you love that is healthy for your body, buying a new item of clothing because your favorite one needs replaced, or just taking a day on the town. By giving your body what it needs to be nurtured and feel loved by you will help you to enjoy more energy, a better mood and greater health! Sometime your brain wants to take up all of your energy and push you to work, produce more and earn wealth. But the body wants something different. The body wants to live, experience joy and pleasure and connect with people. Let your body have some joy and make the brain take a rest once in a while. Nurturing yourself is valuable to do weekly and daily, not just a few times per year.

Today write down ten things that will be fun to do on a day off with no other commitment where you can take good care of you. Go down the list until you have done all of them, today or over the next weeks. Have fun and have a great holiday!



Diana Anderson

Author: Diana Anderson

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