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I love my family. I just spent the evening with my sister, and that does not happen often enough to please me. She is one of my most favorite people on this lovely planet. I prepared a healthy meal, we sat on the warm patio and talked for hours. We talked a lot about how the rest of our family members are doing and of course, health came up as a topic, as we are all aging and noticing the effect of growing older.

Today I will go spend time with my parents and enjoy a lunch together. I see my daughters and grandchildren all the time. A lot of our gatherings are focused around eating meals together. My family keeps me going and they are a critical part of my health. So with family as a big focus of mine, of course I share with them everything about how PH360 has made me feel better. All of my family has a PH360 profile because I shared with them how much it has impacted my health.

When we get together for meals, some of my family members talk about food and health quite a bit. I have shared PH360 with all of my family because I love them, and I want them to be well and feel good. And when I feed them a meal, I am thinking about what food is good for their body, because I want to contribute to their well-being. After being very involved with PH360, I’ve learned that not everyone should eat the same food, and we don’t all digest food the same way. I keep this in mind when I prepare them something to eat.

Family is important and our health is too. Combining family and health is as natural to me as hugging and kissing my smiling grandchildren. I encourage you to share with your family what you have learned about food nutrition and being well.

I hope that you and your family feel well and strong.

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