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HealthType Hacks: Guardians & Diplomats with Time

You hold, you carry, you remember. Know also that you have the strength to Re-Mind your body that you CAN keep going.

Natalie Howard Natalie Howard
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Welcome. In this article I’m going to walk through a discussion with you about your gifts in the way you see and hold time, the challenges that arise from these natural tendencies, and some suggestions for ways to keep moving forward. 

In my initial discussion about time (click here to read) I explored the idea that all the HealthTypes have a natural space for the way they experience time, and this feels comfortable for our minds. Accordingly, our bodies follow suit, as our bodies get their information about how to feel from our minds.

There is no better or worse way to experience time – just different ways. The challenges arise when we experience tension around time. When our minds feel pressure. 

The tension and pressure that Guardians & Diplomats are most predisposed to experiencing is the feeling of being rushed. Time “getting away”. Things are changing and moving “too fast” or when you’re “not ready yet.”

You are not lazy. You are not slow. You just naturally hold the past. This is your gift.

Your Natural Genius & Gifts 

  • You hold space. The space of time. All that was. The strength and learning of the past.
  • You have incredible memories
  • You bring a steadiness and calmness especially to the other Types who can be more inclined to always keep going
  • You nurture and protect those you love
  • You feel deeply, and you share this from your heart with others
  • You do things with a considered & enduring thoroughness when they matter deeply to you

All of these beautiful gifts flow from your ability to carry. Carry the past, the memories, the deep and true lessons about what it means to be a family, to be a community, to be part of the planet. That’s a lot to carry. So of course it doesn’t make you want to jump or fly all the time.

A major contributing element to this state are the hormones that you are most receptive to:

Prolactin (Guardians): the satisfaction that comes from satisfying someone else. It is a selfless hormone. Feeling good from giving. Literally, as a major hormone in breastfeeding, it rises while the baby feeds (not before), and only peaks after the baby has stopped suckling. When they are fully satisfied, then you are. This is how it works in all relationships (not just in breastfeeding).

Serotonin (Diplomats): the feeling of satisfaction, comfort. These feelings only come after a period of time. After being settled. Literally, after a good thorough digestion of something, as 80% of serotonin is produced in the gut.

Considerations I invite you to bear in mind…

  • Carrying the weight of the past can become a burden. A burden you do not actually have to carry. 
  • Holding the past can mean you hold yourself. You can hold yourself from taking the steps you want and need to. And then hold yourself in feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, or unable to move forward. When you really can…

Suggestions for steps to take to keep moving forward…

Lay down your burden from time to time.

  • Unpack your bag completely and decide what you do not need to keep carrying anymore. What you can pass on for another to carry…
  • Pass on a task to someone else – maybe someone faster, who will complete the task under the time pressure that you are feeling overwhelmed by. Or someone more driven, who will happily take on another project and love it. You do not have to do or hold everything.
  • Ask for the help you need to get you started…someone who has the get going energy to motivate you, or the clear and confident forward vision that inspires you and makes you feel secure to take steps forward.
  • Trust. Taking a step forward, even if you’re not 100% feeling ready, is good. You will learn more. You will have the pace to adjust as required. It can feel huge, that first step, and the first few after that. But the path only appears as you step along it.
  • Cleanse and clear your body and mind. A personalised detox facilitates you to go deep in a way that generic detoxes or diets don’t. With the support of a personalised coach, and/or our incredible online detox support group available to all members, you can experience so much release in body, mind, and even spirit by allowing yourself to let go of what is burdening you.
  • Release it completely…the feelings that your body carries. Release it back to mother earth to hold and transform. Be in nature. Move your body with a strong, steady pace. Re-Mind your body that it moves with confidence, with clarity, because it knows. It knows where it has been, where we all have been. So it knows, you know, in your heart, where you are going.

It can be hard going, moving forward from the past, but that’s why we do it together. You are built for this – you are built to outlast. To endure. To carry yourself and all of us, through all the times.

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