HealthType Hacks: Sensors & Crusaders in Time

How to optimise our constant drive towards the future with the needs of the present - so we can ultimately exceed our targets

Natalie Howard Natalie Howard
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If you read through my philosophical treatise on time, awesome, I hope that got you in a cool mental space. If not – no need. This is the point:

Sensors & Crusaders are wired to focus on the future. The neurotransmitters we are most receptive to produce this mental tendency. 

Dopamine (Crusaders, and many Sensors) is the hit we get when we achieve or complete a goal – close a loop, tick a box. It’s the satisfaction of having executed something ourselves – we saw the goal, made the plan, followed through, and smashed it. That’s the good feeling. So, naturally, it always wants more. And it only comes from doing more of that – target, aim, execute. Repeat.

Vasopressin (Sensors) is a data gathering hormone. It is vigilance. Analysis. Problem solving. Processing. Everything is information so everything is processed. Processing → systems and rules → predictions →  logical security → action → analyse → repeat loop

Bottom line: we feel good in the future focused space. It feels natural, so we feel like we belong there.

Your Genius with Time

  • Far reaching & precise vision enforced by high internal drive
  • Ability to direct & engineer conditions. Including our & others use of time.
  • Focus
  • Data processing
  • Naturally inspired & inspiring when in flow – because we see and strive for infinite potential



For ourselves:

  • Knowing when to stop & redirect focus to now. The future isn’t here. (It never will be…which keeps us chasing it 😉 )
  • The paradox: Our minds believe that they belong in the future – from our neurobiology. But actually we belong in the present, like everyone else. Our bodies conveniently remind us of this from time to time…;)

With others:

  • Accepting & compromising with the way others use time. Other types don’t like to feel like they are being managed, especially if it is done with directness. (Fellow Ectos respond readily and appreciatively to it if there is mutual respect and aligned expectations & intentions. If not, we just direct ourselves.) 
  • The other types naturally do not express productivity in the same way i.e the same pace or output. They use their time very differently. They are designed that way. It is healthy for them.
  • Coping with interruptions / delays / derailments to our plans – with grace and graciousness.



For you:

  1. Follow your chronobiology. There are 4 distinct chronobiology breakdowns in your profile: Lifestyle, Genius, Food & Fitness. They all matter.
  2. Get your spreadsheet / planner on and integrate all four into your existing schedule. I layer them all together and find cross overs & patterns within the context of life. Problem solve within those boxes.
  3. Your Genius chrono = what mental activities to do at each time of day: meetings, planning, focus, details etc. Optimise your schedule to follow this. Super productivity hack.
  4. Focus on one box at a time. The one right now. Don’t actually focus on the future – focus on the present action that will lead to the intended future.
  5. Deliberately & intentionally focus on your breaks: stop to move, eat, unwind and sleep as close to your ideal times as possible. These physical breaks enhance your productivity by allowing essential integration and processing time. You will still do relevant mental activity in these breaks – meaningful human connection, focusing on movement, meditating, imagining, dreaming. But you’re shifting gears. Which is the smarter use of time.

With others:

  1. Temper your natural drive to direct conditions, people and outcomes with an awareness of how the other types naturally feel about time – maximise their flow by directing them that way (See Activators & Connectors here, Guardians & Diplomats here.) Discussion on teamwork here.
  2. Actively value the pace & output of the other types – their steadiness (Endos) or their spontaneity (Mesos). Their depth (Endos) or dynamism (Mesos) of feeling.
  3. Nobody else is going to fit your schedule. Ever. It’s for you. Engineer your schedule so it includes planned spaces for others to take more/ less time, and to need your time. Contingency planning for life.
  4. Practice expressing how and why you choose to put your focus where you do. You’ll probably find others are highly receptive if you take 2 minutes to clearly explain why you can’t give them your attention right now, but you will be able to at x time. It helps others not take it personally that you are “busy.”
  5. Can’t get out of the interruption from a person / life? Maybe it’s telling you it’s just time. Time to shift focus and use that as an integration pause. 

Bottom line: When things don’t follow your plan…make that part of the plan. New goal, new plan. 

Assess. Adjust. Optimise. Execute. Enjoy. (Repeat)

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