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I find it fascinating that different biotypes have distinctly different mental patterns. It is remarkable that we can look at someone and know something about how their mind works simply by observing their body shape, which shape gives us information about their dominant hormones, which influence how they think and make decisions. Just for fun, let’s look at the different ph360 biotypes and compare how each one thinks and acts a bit unique and yet similar to other people of the same biotype.

For example, the mind of an Activator can be impatient, search for diversity, avoid repetition and enjoy healthy challenges. They tend to be strong willed and object to anything that is not in agreement with what they already know. They generally see the glass as half full, expect everything to work out and are not easily deterred by difficulties, due to their hormone dominance of testosterone, noradrenaline and serotonin. They feel good about themselves if they feel capable and independent.

So how about the Connector? They are close to the Activator, but they have their own distinct qualities. Connectors think about the group, how others are impacted, and they strive for harmony and fairness within the group. This makes them excellent at job positions where they need to interact with the public, a classroom, be on stage, or facilitate a workshop. They can handle doing a diverse range of tasks and enjoy learning new skills. They are naturally higher in serotonin and need to balance their oxytocin, which makes them both optimistic and craving close connections.

Next we have the Guardians who tend to be laid back, enjoy laughter and light-heartedness, are dependable family members and friends to others. They love deeply, are often great huggers, enjoy strong connections, and care well for family and close friends. They tend to prefer a few close long-lasting connections they can trust, rather than have many acquaintances. A Guardian therefore thinks about routine, stability, loyal friends for life, and enjoying the pleasures of food and bounty

And what about the Diplomats? What is unique to their minds? Diplomats tend to be easy-going, a bit more patient than other biotypes and will often go with the flow or what others are doing. Diplomats need to keep their Serotonin levels up, of they can become discourage, so finding things to do that feel satisfying to them is important for wellbeing. This can include a good meal with family, because they enjoy the way food tastes and close connections feel really good to them. They enjoy steady rhythm and an even pace, preferring to avoid stress, although having some pressure, like a deadline, does often motive them.

The mind of a Sensor is detail oriented, appreciates pleasing aesthetics, is often creative and artistic. They are independent thinkers, can work very quickly and efficiently, and the Sensor mind is sensitive to stimulation and takes in a great deal of input from their external environment. This tends to make the Sensor hyper aware and intuitive. Also, because of their connection with intuition and their sensitivity, they are often spiritual and feel connected to the ethereal.

Due to high levels of dopamine, the mind of a Crusader is driven to accomplish a lot, plus it enjoys lots of details and information, because they are logical and focused. They are highly independent with a quickly and efficiently mind. The Crusader is the most self-reliant of the biotypes and prefers to make all their own conclusions, which makes them very skeptical of others opinions, especially salesman or self-proclaimed experts without credentials.

Isn’t it interesting how the minds respond differently based on the hormones. Those same hormones affect the shape of our body. What we know from the science behind ph360, it that when we do activities that feel good to our mind, and that balance our natural hormones, that improves our overall health in all areas. Easy enough, right? Do what comes natural to your mind.  To find out what is natural to your mind, go to for a free 3 minute health type test to get your biotype report.

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