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There are innumerable reasons that dieters may prefer to keep their struggles private, but new research shows that struggling alone may be the worst way to lose weight. A study at the University of Illinois shows that women have greatest success sustaining weight loss with increased social support. The sample group solely included women who had dieted previously, and found that personal accountability was not enough—dieters thrived on being accountable to someone else.

Researcher Catherine J. Metzgar, the graduate student at the helm of the work, reports that, “The women who maintained their weight loss indicated that a high level of social support from many sectors was critical in their success.” Moreover, women preferred to think of their weight loss process as a “weight loss journey”. Metzgar also found that, “when the program ended, and no one was monitoring their progress any longer, some dieters’ motivation fizzled, and they fell back into old habits.”

This is a gap that most dieters struggle with. It’s responsible for yo-yo weight loss and weight gain, and for tremendous feelings of helplessness and frustration in the face of diets that claim to work for everyone, all the time. But not all diets are created equal—for your unique body, that is.

And not only do individuals need tailored diet plans, they also need different types of social and mental support. To that end, a personalized health app like ph360 provides customized weight loss plans that acknowledge the importance of a holistic approach to health—one that includes your community.

ph360 is designed to change as you change, serving as your greatest cheerleader and an all-knowing (and optimally healthy) best friend. Not only does the program use your measurements and health history to determine the best possible diet and exercise plan for your body profile, it also helps you track progress and encourages healthy weight loss whenever necessary.

Metzgar found that, “a major obstacle for some of these dieters was a lack of social support from significant people in their lives. Rather than encouraging the dieter’s efforts to get healthier, some friends and family members responded negatively.” ph360’s SOCIAL dashboard will provide guidance on how to manage and improve social interactions, particularly during significant life transitions.

So if you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, start paying attention not just to your diet but also to the people who surround you. See if you can enlist a friend and family member or two to join you in your quest for health, and reap the benefits of feeling a network of support guiding your way.

And remember, ph360 is here for you, starting right now! Explore your personalized weight loss plan today at

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