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Ever find yourself in a homemaking rut, tired of feeling a total sense of blah when it comes to your home space? Much of this can shift with just a few critical changes to the top 5 ways in which your environment influences you.

Here are some fast tips to make a radical difference in the health and pleasantness factors of your home:

  • Space: Does your living space feel cluttered or overly spare? Make sure you haven’t crammed every corner full of items that aren’t attractive or meaningful to you. Select your decorative items carefully, and relish the sweet relief of stripping down to only those home accessories that make you feel healthy and happy.
  • Light: Do you thrive with high doses of sunlight, or crave the cool climes of shade? Use your inner light barometer to determine the amount of light you need. Most importantly, make sure the kinds of light you are getting are healthy and full spectrum. It’s easy to change out fluorescent or other bulbs for full spectrum bulbs that will give you the natural light that your body craves.
  • Temperature: Don’t get stingy with thermostat adjustments. Your productivity, health, and happiness are all influenced by your body’s comfort. Different body profiles need distinct temperatures, as determined by their unique genetic and epigenetic blueprints.It’s easy to use space heaters and fans to adjust your climate at home if need be, and worth the small monetary investment. Nobody likes being hot and bothered by a heatwave, or chilled to the bone in the winter. Make sure you keep your home at the temperature you need to thrive.
  • Humidity: Dampness and dryness have the same potentially negative effects on you as heat and cold—your body has a sweet spot in which you will be healthiest and most productive. One way to determine what this balance might be is to consider where your ancestors hail from. It’s likely that your own genetic makeup hasn’t changed all that much, and that your body still does best in that climate.If you don’t live anywhere near where your ancestors lived, not to worry! That’s what humidifiers and dehumidifiers are for. Once again, a small investment can make a huge difference.
  • Color: Color actually has a significant effect on mood, and can transform the entire feel of a space and your relationship to it. The next time you’re in a home furnishings store, notice how distinct colors make you feel, and allow yourself to start incorporating the colors that energize and soothe you.

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