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Did you know you can access your personalised insights from Shae through a web browser on any device?

Simply login at!

As you’re welcomed, you’ll start to notice that ph360 might ask you a few more questions…

Where the Shae mobile app talks you through everything step-by-step… ph360, the online version, wants to know everything about you, NOW!

If you’ve already done your measurements through the app you can proceed right through them – just hit next!

You’ll find any questions you need to answer marked with a little Question mark so go ahead and answer them. The ones you’ve already through the mobile app are highlighted GREEN.

Make your way through the questionnaire until you Get Your Results and then EXPLORE your Dashboard.

We know that your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside so inside your ph360 you can learn all about YOU, right now!

From the foods that will help you be healthiest to the best time of day to eat, move and sleep, to your natural genius – and everything in between! Explore your insights and put it all into practice as you go to experience the healthiest and happiest version of you!

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