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Have you noticed, over the last few years, a significant increase in the amount of ‘gluten free’ products available to buy in stores? Gluten free pasta, gluten free bread, and even gluten free skin care products are getting more and more common. Even products that never contained gluten in the first place are advertising the fact that they are ‘gluten free’. I was at the supermarket the other day, getting something out of the refrigerated section when I noticed a display of bottled water pointing out, right on the label, that it’s ‘gluten free’. Water! That’s when I realised that the ‘gluten free’ craze was in full swing and not looking likely to abate any time soon. But is this just another trend? And is there a better way to ensure you are eating what’s right for you?

Gluten intolerance, or Celiac Disease, is a very real medical condition and if you think you may have it, or you are ill in any way, you should seek medical advice immediately. Many people, however, are choosing to go ‘gluten free’ without having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or speaking with their doctor. These ‘Gluten Avoiders’ as they’re being referred to, are simply deciding to try to make a change in their diet and an improvement to their health.

Trying to make positive changes to one’s health should always be applauded and going ‘gluten free’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, ‘gluten free’ products are on average 162% more expensive than their regular counterparts (according to a cost comparison study done by pediatric gastroenterologist Mohsin Rashid), so buying those products may be putting unnecessary extra stress on many people’s finances.

Trends will come and go, and while the ‘gluten free’ craze may have food marketing teams around the world jumping up and down with glee, it too shall pass. Making choices about food is something we all have to navigate on a daily basis, and we always will. The absolute best thing any of us can do to ensure we are eating the food that will keep us in optimal health is to educate ourselves.

Each and every one of us is completely unique and, therefore, we all have completely unique dietary needs. Some people feel fantastic going ‘gluten free’ and some actually put weight on. All our bodies and needs are different. Learning what those needs are will ensure that you can purchase and eat the kind of foods that are ideal for you with complete confidence. If you are already a ph360 member, then you already have the ideal tool to do this. Look at your food list. Study it. Educate your self about your needs and you will always be able to make wise and informed choices about what foods to buy and eat. Don’t let marketing teams affect what choices you make for your own health.

Have you ever tried going ‘gluten free’ or any other trend diet? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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