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Detox Foods: Is Garlic the Bomb..?

So what about the cure-almost anything garlic during a detox?

It’s true that garlic is a natural source of phosphorus, which is good for healthy bone formation, improved digestion, and hormonal balance and it’s a good source of selenium, which protects the health of the cells.

But for some people garlic can be hard to digest and cause irritation in cases of colitis and intestinal inflammation. Not so handy when you are trying to give your body a break and detox! It’s also a fabulous natural anti-coagulant, so it shouldn’t be taken in high doses by anyone taking blood pressure medications or with low blood pressure. Also, because of its natural anti-platelet effects, it shouldn’t be consumed in high doses by women at risk for bleeding or anyone planning to have surgery or dental work, or who has a bleeding disorder.

It’s fabulous to have so much information available on the internet – the key to a successful detox is really knowing WHICH information applies to your body. It’s the same with everyday health – when you do what is right for your body, your body will look after you!

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