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We recognize and value the pivotal role Health, Fitness, Allied Health and Medical Professionals play in the fight against preventable lifestyle disease. This is the very reason why we are so committed to the education and growth of practitioners and the development of major partnerships with educational and professional bodies through the integration of personalized health education and technology across multiple disciplines. 

Our commitment to delivering high-quality education means more and more Health Professionals can stay up to date with the latest research and technological advancements in personalized health to provide a better standard of overall care for clients. 

Simply put, the more Health/Fitness, Allied and Medical Professionals we reach with personalized health education and technology, the bigger the shift we create in global health –  impacting millions of lives needing a predictive, preventive and personalized approach to their health plan. 

Can you help us spread the message wider!?

As a ph360 trained Health Professional, you have seen first hand the incredible value the Mastery Series 8-Week Course and power of the Health Professional Community offers. Imagine a world where every practitioner ‘wore the lens’ of personalized health: where a Health Coach could connect with a Personal Trainer, and refer on to a Medical Doctor, where all parties understood HealthType language to provide an unprecedented level of personalized care! This is the future we are passionate about and committed to bringing to the present day, and would love your support in helping to grow the Health Professional Community impact NOW.


Who do you know? Whether it be individual practitioners, researchers, or other educational providers, we value your support in raising awareness of personalized health, the advanced epigenetic technology, ph360 Health Professional education, and our impressive ph360 Health Professionals Community. 

Email us at [email protected] with the subject “10X Edu Impact” and let us know the people you think would be interested in learning more. 

As a member of our Health Professional Community, you will receive:

  • A voucher for $300 OFF the ph360 Mastery Series to pass on to as many Health Professionals you want;
  • A “Thank You Bonus” on any ticket purchased to the Mastery Series through your referral (this can extend out to larger partnerships and organizations too!) 

The vast majority of health professionals start their career looking to impact a large population but we are often limited by our own time and how many people we can see. Sharing this with others allows you to multiply your positive influence, through just a small mention, you can have a hand in changing 1000s of lives, and we invite you to have that impact now. 

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