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We all have the potential to be successful – happy, healthy and satisfied in life. So why do some people seem to succeed and others don’t? 

It often comes down to simply not knowing how to get there. The solution? Your biology. It holds the key to your success!

The key to your success lies deep within your own body and it’s no longer expensive or difficult to get it.

Have you ever wanted your own recipe for success? Well it’s ready and waiting for you! Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside. By taking a photo of your body, you can get all the information you need to get and stay healthy, happy and achieve your potential – the perfect way to success! Shae technology can do all of this for you – simply download the Shae app to get started. 

To create these recipes we’ve brought biology, biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics, and many other sciences together to explore what is going on at the level of the genes. From here, we can match the specifics of the biology with the things that are known to keep it in a state of health. There are many, many variables and combinations – too many for the human brain to calculate at once and this is where the technology of Shae can really give you a unique recipe for success. In this ebook we’ve assessed our celebrities’ bodies from general pictures online to give them a simple way to success in health and happiness.



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