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Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your HealthType’s hack for success in this series on what to focus so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

You probably already have a list of desired outcomes and improvements for this year. But, some of them may seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve been tackling them for some time but are not satisfied that you’ve fully achieved them yet.

Some simple redirection of your energy can help you achieve your desired successes with even greater efficiency.

Sensors, your mind is your powerhouse. With it, you can achieve anything you direct your attention to. But like any powerful machine, if it’s left to idle too long, or if it’s pushed to overdrive, it can burn itself out. This usually manifests as not just mental burn out, but physical burn out.

If you have any goals around your energy, digestion, stress, sleep, immunity – all of these have to be built on the foundation of getting your mind into a good place. It runs the show. So if you’ve been trying to improve anything physical and not getting your desired results, it’s highly probable that a key factor needs to addressed – your mind.

The Sensor’s mind is a powerful creative force. When directed purposefully and precisely, it is capable of incredible feats. But when left to its own devices, or not nurtured, it can use that power to turn on itself.

Here are some detailed pointers for directing your mind’s power:

– Follow your chronobiology. There are four personalised schedules in your ph360 profile: Food, Fitness, Lifestyle and Genius. To really focus on using your mind in your favour, primarily use your Genius schedule, and blend this with your Lifestyle schedule. This will establish an efficient and effective daily flow that meets the natural rhythms of your neurochemistry and energy levels. This will allow you to be precise and directed with your mental energy, which will support your physical and emotional states. In principle, your mornings need to maintain calm and balance, so you can be highly mentally active through your day, then allow plenty of time to wind down of an evening.

– Write to release. Journaling gets thoughts out of your head and into words – whether on a page or in a video. Writing by hand further reinforces a mind-body connection creating an additional feedback loop to trigger release. Your mind is constantly processing and assessing, so if you don’t clear it out regularly it can get seriously clogged. If some kind of journaling isn’t already part of your regular practice, work it in.

– Create. Ideally, create what you want, whether it’s something you keep private, or something you choose to share, maybe professionally. Create art, food, the written word, dance, programs, anything. Your Mind & Genius sections will have the most precise suggestions for what you are designed for.

– Learn. Stimulate your mind with a new project of discovery – a language, an artform, a new skill, an online course. It can be for purely personal application or be functional in your professional aspirations as well. Just keep rewarding your mind with what turns it on.

– Write lists. Prevent overwhelm or the fear of missing anything important, and keep plenty of lists, so you can logically categorise and prioritise them. Revel in the satisfaction of ticking tasks off the list. (And yes, writing something you’ve already done onto the list just so you can cross it off is completely legit – it triggers a huge reward response in your brain.)

– Schedule time and space to recharge. This is critical. Your mind, at the core of your central nervous system, absolutely has to desensitise and detach in order to reset your whole body. Intentionally include practices like yoga, meditation, warm baths, aromatherapy, massage and time away from the stimulation of people, lights, sounds and stressors. This will prevent mental & physical burnout, and that awfully fatiguing and exasperating experience of being “tired but wired.”

Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, an internal or an external result or product that you’re creating – use your mind’s power to logically, attentively and intentionally make it happen. This will bring success for your goals for your body, relationships, career and wellbeing.

If you’re open for additional pointers, the Personalised Detox program, or a personalised coach, can be highly effective to help laser your focus and bring your attention to factors that you may not have yet considered for your overall health and wellbeing. You can utilise either on your terms with minimal fuss.

However you live it, and whatever you create, have an exceptional year.

To work 1:1 with Nat, Personalised Communication, Behaviour & Relationships coach, click here.

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