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There’s nothing better than a truly satisfying, healthy meal! But unfortunately, ‘healthy’ meals are not often associated with tasty or satisfying – simply because they are not usually full of the fats and salt or sugar that give all that extra flavor that we are commonly exposed to. So how can we make ‘healthy’ food more appealing to our tastebuds and more satisfying to eat?

Here are 7 simple tricks to try to get that extra satisfaction from your everyday meals:

  1. Add freshly ripped herbs when you’re almost done cooking or you’re about to serve. Ripping the herbs releases their natural fragrances much more than simply leaving them whole and the good thing is that herbs can grow on your windowsill if you don’t have a garden. If you don’t have any space or time to grow fresh herbs, try joining a community garden or swapping with a neighbor.

  2. Include spices! This includes ginger, galangal, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, anise, cumin and so many more! Spices will often give a sweeter taste and can be amazing additions. If you’re not sure how much to use or whether you’ll like the taste, start with only a small amount and build up to using more!
  3. Add some chili if you like it. A little spice can make anything more interesting – jalapeños, cayenne pepper, birds-eye chillis, and chipotle seasoning – there is a wide variety from which to choose, ranging from a little tingle on your tongue to raise-the-roof hot! Always add a little less than you think – you can top up as you go!
  4.  Use fresh ingredients. Local, in-season food will always taste better than cold-room stored. Why? Local, in-season produce can be picked when they are ripe and sold immediately. Transported foods are generally harvested before they naturally ripen so they can be stored and transported – otherwise, they would likely be rotten by the time they reached their final destination.
  5. Select the foods your body actually wants! When you do this, you will immediately find satisfaction because your body (who is the one that makes you crave things) will have what it needs to get on with the day. It’s simpler than it sounds because, when you have Shae™ on-hand, all the hard work is done! Simply choose your highly ranked foods.
  6. Choose good quality like Bio or Organic (Even if they don’t look perfect when fresh!). You may or may not distinguish a difference in taste but your body will have less trouble processing toxins that may be present from pesticides even in trace amounts. When your body has less detox work to do, it can focus on functioning really well!
  7. Choose fairly. This simply means that when you sit down to your meal and you know that the people who have produced, packed and sold the food that you’re about to eat have been treated fairly, you can feel consciously content. Supporting your local community or fair-trade alliances means lots more people, just like you, can enjoy their meals too.

Will you try these tips to make your healthy food more satisfying? We’d love to hear your experiences! Join us on social media and let us know!

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