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What you eat literally becomes the building blocks of your body. Your food gets digested and used to build new cells. Which then go on to become your skin, your muscles, and everything else in your body. 

Yes, that’s a very simplistic way to look at it but in essence, it’s very true! 

So what do I want to eat to build a healthy body?

  1. Eat natural foods.

    The more natural your foods, the more nutrient-dense they will be. That just means that your body gets more helpful and healthy building-blocks to work with! Think of eating walnuts for a healthy brian or carrot rounds for bright eyes or even celery for strong, healthy bones…. Rather than the donut for an extra belly-tire!

  2. Eat foods the right way for you.

    Connectors and Guardians may really benefit from a diet filled with raw foods but other HealthTypes like Sensors and Crusaders benefit much more from foods that have been well cooked. Activators need to eat small serves frequently but Diplomats fare better with two or three larger meals each day. Use your ph360 to find out which way is best for you to eat your foods so that your body can use the fuel most efficiently.

  3. Eat the foods your body actually wants.

    Sometimes we get cravings from things that may not necessarily be what our body wants… Maybe we crave red wine but what we really want is just to de-stress. Your body DOES talk to you through ph360. Use your foods list or your recipe book to choose your highest-ranked options when you can. These foods are literally what your body is asking for to create the solid, healthy building blocks it needs. When you give your body what it actually wants, you’ll find your cravings may simply disappear!


You can use your ph360 to know the exact foods that will help your body make strong, healthy building blocks and your loved ones can too! For those who are not entirely ready to go all the way with personalization, they can start with their HealthType. Knowing the basics CAN be a game-changer. Share the HealthType Test here for FREE! 


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