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The place where you ‘put’ your body affects your health too! It’s not just when there are lots of people around with germs but the actual physical surrounding can help to support or degrade your health.

Once again, it comes down to stress. If your external surroundings are causing your body stress (like being too cold, too humid, too loud, too dusty, too hot, etc.) your body has to focus on that stress and takes resources from the other tasks that it should be doing, like keeping up a strong immune system. 

So what can I do with my environment right now for the best opportunity to stay healthy?

Here are three simple strategies:

  1. Keep your place in a way that is healthy for you.

    Whether it’s warm, cool, full of light or dimly lit – when you surround your body with the atmosphere that supports it best, it relieves stress you might not even know is there. Your ph360 insights can point you in the right direction! 

  2. Keep your hands and face clean!

    This is a great opportunity to use ALL that soap that your Aunt has given you over the years! And those little bits of leftovers? You can melt them all down together and re-mold them or add a little water to the mix for your very own liquid soap! 

  3. Try not to panic-buy.

    Not only does it add to the clutter in your home, but the urgency increases the feeling of fear (stress) and reminds you about it every time you see it or use it.


You can ‘set and forget’ a great supportive environment for your body – at home, at work or in the car! A little preparation can go a long way in giving your body extra support without any more effort of upkeep. Delve deep into your own needs online in your ph360.

If you or your friends want to know just a little bit about everyone, then the best place is through The HealthType Course! It’s only $27 and explores all about how the HealthTypes Eat, Play, Think, Thrive, Live and Love!

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