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We have had the notion that being “skinny” is beautiful for some time now. We’ve tried to stave that off with the “fit is beautiful” and “be comfortable in your skin” and even the “all about the bass” but we still seem to have the fascination that “skinny” is right.

Well then, is it?

The old reliable defines skinny as “very lean or thin; emaciated (meaning abnormal thinness caused by lack of nutrition or by disease.)” so in the direct sense of the word, then being “skinny” may not be helpful or very healthy for any of us…

But does that send us in the other direction? That curves are delicious and if you don’t have any, then you’re not as beautiful?

How about we look at it from this angle:

We all have a different body. And a different body composition that is naturally healthy for each of us (that means the ratio of fat to lean muscle mass, shape, size, etc.).

A beautiful body may therefore be our own body in a balanced state – the right amount of fat and muscle in proportion to our frame, lifestyle and environmental requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.

We’re not all the same – so why should we push to be?

That’s what’s so beautiful about the concept of personalized health. It’s tailored specifically for you. Find out what your body wants with ph360 and create the balance of beauty for everyone to see!

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