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Ever notice that professional athletes’ bodies are specifically matched to their needs? It’s no coincidence that basketball players are tall, gymnasts are petite, and football players are broad. In the same way, your body is uniquely matched to particular activities depending on the expression of your genes.

While some people are built for delicacy and flow, others are ideally suited to power and brute force. Still other body profiles will excel at speed and agility. Learning to assess your own strengths will help you find a workout that may not feel quite so much like work.

Understanding how your body is built to move can help you discover those exercises that will be most effective for you. Exercising right for your body also means discerning your particular best days and times to train, at what intensity, and for how long.

When you develop an exercise routine that is personalized, you will also increase your recovery time and ability to heal your body through movement. Much of this has to do with your distinct upper and lower body mechanics, and how well suited each part of your body is for weight-bearing.

What happens when you exercise in ways that are counter-indicated for our bodies? Joints inflame and swell, you tend to feel pain, and you may become more prone to injury. You’ll also feel mental and physical fatigue much more deeply and faster. All of these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that you need to change your approach.

The best way to discover what works for you is to learn about your unique needs, both from physical and genetic perspectives. One great way to begin is by taking measurements of your body and discussing them with a personal trainer who can help design an exercise program just for you. Scientists have been measuring the body and studying different body types and sizes for thousands of years, initially using these figures as a basis for medical care.

Each measurement you take correlates to physical and physiological predispositions that can affect your body’s function and performance, and even your state of mind and overall well-being. As a result, your body’s measurements can help reveal the kinds of exercise and weight training that will be most effective for your body’s needs.

It’s time to make your workouts feel like play.

A personalized health platform like ShaeFit™ can help guide your discovery process!

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