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If you have at some point felt overwhelmed by your ph360 then we have some very exciting news for you! 🙂

There is just so much information we can gather from assessing your phenotype (and that’s what you do when you take your measurements and answer all those questions – you’re finding out exactly how your genes are expressed right now) and with that, ph360 can reverse engineer your health and give you the advice you need to stay in optimal health and prevent possible dis-ease in the future. And Health is more than just food and exercise. It encompasses 360 degrees of life – where you live, what you do, who you hang out with, and all those little nuances that make you think or act differently to everyone else!

So within your ph360 you will find insights that are specific for your body, your lifestyle and your health right now – from your foods and exercise, to your social interaction, your environment, the way your mind works and your natural talents. These insights and this information is there so you can choose to achieve and sustain an optimal state of health.

Yes, it may be a little different to what is currently out there – that’s because it’s about YOU, not a generic diet or protocol that is the same for everyone. If you want some more info on this – please visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel, or pop over to our resources page at

So the information is now at your fingertips – how you can achieve optimal health and live as your body intended….

But the most difficult thing to change in health is our behaviour – our habits, our beliefs, and what we’ve already been lead to believe…

And so to initiate a behaviour change, not only do we need to provide the information for you, but we need to provide it in a way that can easily integrate into your day…. quite a challenge considering we are all very, very different! And so! The challenge was set and has now begun..

Over the next few days you’ll notice a considerable change in the way your ph360 looks on the inside.. we have had lots of feedback about ph360 being overwhelming with so much information.. so we’re evolving with you – and the way that you are changing.. ph360 is becoming more about every day life – easy, simple, quick, little bits at a time..

So imagine sitting at the bus stop or waiting for your morning coffee/tea/juice/smoothie 😉 and flicking through your ph360 to find something new that you can integrate every day… whether it’s a little tip, discovering something new about yourself, a suggestion for something you might like to try, a smiley food to have as a snack or a multitude of other tidbits of information to help you thrive in every day life..

Well, it’s almost here! We’ve been working super hard to adjust ph360 in a way that is a little simpler and easier to implement into your everyday life…

So think of your new look ph360 as your “Daily Dose” – where you can login every day – and find out something new – all about you! So health becomes more fun, a part of your every day, rather than a chore that needs to be done once a week or thought about once a month…!

We are super excited with this first step toward personalised communication so we hope you enjoy the new look and feel of your daily dose ph360 – you’ll notice some changes over the next few days as we implement the new format…

Check in regularly for new tips, ideas and suggestions to keep you in your best body, mind and soul.

And, by the way, YES, you do have access to your entire food list so just click on “FULL FOOD LIST” from your food dashboard at any time! 🙂

We will have new tutorials up soon but most of the changes we hope you will find self-explanatory…and we don’t want to make you wait any longer!!

When you look at the bigger perspective, changing the health of the world is actually quite simple – if we start to prevent chronic pain and disease now – in the future – it doesn’t even exist… So we applaud you for taking this giant step in realising that you are unique and you DO have the power to choose the future of your health.

And we are simply here to support you in that choice – so we relish each and every one of you – your feedback, your ideas, your support, your enthusiasm, your sharing, and your journeys to health that will change our world for generations to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The whole ph360 Team

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