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We’ve got good and bad news for you. Let’s get the bad out of the way first: New research shows that lifestyle choices, such as inactivityweight gaindiet, and smoking may lead to cancer. Sound familiar? Well the good news might come as more of a surprise: Those not-so-great choices you make for your health today could actually be passed along as genetic code for disease to your children and grandchildren.

In a recent blog post for Scientific American, Dr. Lawrence D. Wagman, MD explained, “New findings in the field of epigenetics…suggest that we may have more control than previously thought when it comes to preventing the onset of sporadic or even heritable diseases. Our daily routine, from what we eat for breakfast to the distance we travel to work, could determine whether or not our gene sequences activate or prevent the development of cancer within our bodies.”

Wagman was adamant that new research on how cancer genes are switched on and off may, if accurate, actually provide a way to target habits and factors that cause the development of cancer. He surmised, “They have proposed the existence of processes within our cells that activate specific sequences of DNA that function as epigenetic on/off switches for cancer.”

Epigenetic science forms the basis of ph360, informing the personalized health plans provided to each user. Because it’s not just a matter of eating right and exercising—it’s important to know which foods to eat for your unique body profile, and how to stay fit as appropriate for your physique.

Wagman concluded by saying, “We know because of constant reminders how important our everyday health habits are – eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke. But epigenetics ups the stakes. It means decisions we make about how much TV we watch or what we eat may actually impact whether or not we change our DNA.”

The latest personalized health technologies, like the algorithm used in ph360’s software, can help individuals make those decisions that may delay or prevent the onset of disease. It’s a matter of personalizing every arena of your daily life—from the way you eat to the environment in which you live. Epigenetic science is showing us that all of these factors affect our immediate, long-term, and heritable health.

That means that it’s more critical than ever that you get up off the couch, move in a way that’s right for your body, and eat the foods that heal rather than harm. Ready to make choices that might keep both you and your grandchildren healthy? Join us today at

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