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Thought I would share a ‘heads up’ I had about my hair as there may be other ph360 peeps who may have a similar experience.

Within a month of starting the ph360 program in April I noticed that my hair wasn’t growing as fast as it used to. I was delaying my haircuts by one or two weeks. I do have some hypothyroid issues, but do not take medication for it, so did wonder if it had something to do with that.

I had noticed some hair coming out when I combed it and thought that might be because of the change from indoor light to outdoor light as, along with our animals, we tend to shed a bit when we go from artificial light back to natural outdoor light. However I noticed a fair bit of hair accumulating in the drain of the shower and it seemed to be a sizable amount, as well as on the comb, and on my shoulders, so I started to pay more attention to my hair thickness. I noticed it seemed thinner and still was getting good handfuls when I washed my hair, but did not seem to be forming any bald spots on my head, for which I was thankful. In one of Jules Hangouts she said don’t mark hair falling out unless you have clumps of it coming out. However, this has carried on since May so I did record it in the ph360 questionnaire a few months ago in the hopes it might bring foods on the list to support hair health, along with the rest of me.

When I was reading the whys for the foods today, it was interesting to see how many places hair thinning showed up in reference to food that was reduced. It is great to see how our information is reflected in the program.

My sense was that my hair was/is getting rid of old toxins and that is why it is falling out. The ph360 program is dealing with hormones and clearing toxins in the body via antioxidants in the foods that are selected or limited for us, along with everything else it does. I held that thought foremost, rather then worrying, which would not have helped anything.

Today, after another six weeks and still slow hair growth, I went to get my hair cut. My hairdresser looked closely and said I had an inch or so of new hair growing in all throughout my scalp and that it looked really healthy, as did my scalp itself. Yeah! And the texture of my hair did not change much throughout this period so that is a sign of still having a healthy terrain for growth.

So now I know that the loss is a gain. Smiles. If you have noticed something like this happening as well, take heart. has the ability to renew you and me and all of us, and I am starting to see more of the ‘hows’ beyond just weight loss. Hope you are too. Namaste

Diannah Benson

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