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Want to set yourself up for success this year? Follow this series to find out your HealthType’s hack so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

You want to have an awesome year. You want to feel better than ever. But there are hundreds of suggestions and plans and programs out there. What will work for you?

You are already built for success. Capitalise on this, on your unique design, and the rest will follow for you.

Activators, your hack for success is your fitness.

Get your body moving at the right times, in the right ways, and you’ll be winning at life.

So much of your genius, and success, in all aspects of your life, flows from your physical fitness. Challenging and invigorating your body will sharpen your mind, improve your relationships and enormously increase your feelings of success. The more energy you express through well timed bursts of activity, the more energy you’ll actually have for things like mental and emotional focus, and the better quality rest and recharge you’ll get.

Your body is your foundation for everything – get it feeling good, and everything else can be built on that. You don’t want to waste your time trying other things if you’re not set up physically. Set yourself up to win – your body is absolutely built for it.

How many of these can you conquer this year?

– Early to bed, early to rise. Just do it if you aren’t already – see the results for yourself.

– Intensify your mornings – start your days with a movement burst, even just 15 minutes

– Start, or ramp up, your outdoor fitness – mountain runs, rafting, parkour

– Get competitive – do an event like an obstacle course, join a sports team, or keep beating your own PB in your workouts

– Try out more creative, agile fitness programs – like martial arts, aerial arts or gymnastics

Not convinced all of these ideas are right for you? Maybe they’re not. You are more than just “an activator.” You are you. To feel really sure that you’re doing the right types of fitness activities in the right way for you, the best place to go is your Fitness section of your ph360 profile. This is where you will gain the most personalised advice that considers all of you, beyond just your Health Type.

– Check out your Fitness Overview to see your personalised daily schedule. Go to the Detailed Schedule to find out how and why living your day this way is going to really boost you. If you’re not convinced by a suggestion – just try it. See how your body responds. That will be your best measure.

– Try out new routines from the Strength, Cardio and Flexibility sections to get more variety into your workouts – knowing that you’re moving in the best way for your body

Putting your personalised recommendations into action means you won’t be wasting any time or energy on something that’s not a winning fit for you.

If you want even more motivation, bring in the added energy of a personalised health coach. They can challenge you and keep you on your toes, and pump you up for all your wins along the way.

You could also try a Personalised Detox – don’t worry, it’s not a “diet” so you won’t go hungry. It’s personalised to you completely, so it gives your body exactly what it needs to get an excellent boost to kick start your year.

No matter what you choose to act on this year, just jump in, try it, and then keep mixing it up with more variety.

Live in your body, and live now. Have an epic year!

To work 1:1 with Nat, Personalised Communication, Behaviour & Relationships coach, click here.

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