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Last week, the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed a potentially powerful new predictive correlation for prostate cancer: Male pattern balding. The research, although still premature, suggests that men with balding in the front and top of their heads at the age of 45 have a 39% higher chance of developing prostate cancer. And while researchers say it’s not quite time to run in terror to your nearest doctor if you’re a man exhibiting symptoms of balding, there is another extremely relevant moral to this story: The hormones involved.

Male hormones, or androgens, such as testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), can significantly influence hair loss. Higher levels of these hormones indicate higher levels of hair loss, which is why prescription hair loss drugs like Propecia seek to reduce their presence in the body.

Is there a better way to balance hormones, reduce hair loss, and simultaneously reduce the risk of cancer? Today’s myriad personalized health apps and platforms say yes. This finding is just one of many that reveals how significantly hormones affect health, and the clear markers of hormone balance in physical expression.

ph360 is one such personalized health platform that takes many physical characteristics into account in order to provide a personalized health plan designed to balance hormones. While ph360 can’t predict your health or disease, it can give you a glimpse at what your body might need to reach a healthier state. This begins within, with how your body produces and regulates the hormones that drive its health.

So while you might have ignored what you considered natural hair loss, it’s time to take everything your body has to say seriously. Every symptom is indicative not just of your external environment, but of how your genes and your lifestyle are affecting your health. The personalized health insights that ph360 provides can help you transform hormonal imbalances into healing opportunities.

For men in particular, less emphasis is placed on changing hormone levels throughout a lifetime. Yet with increasing diagnoses of prostate and other cancers, hormone awareness has never been more important. It’s time to discover a whole new kind of relationship with your body—one in which you have intimate knowledge of what’s going on both on the inside and on the outside.

ph360 provides a way to discover not just the imbalances you may be facing, but also the specific foods, exercises, and daily activities that might help you bring your whole system into balance. And potentially banish unwelcome symptoms and disease.

It’s time for your hormones to work for you, rather than against you. Learn how here.

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