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Last week, actress Jennifer Lawrence (now infamously) shared her opinions about the gluten-free diet in an interview. Lawrence described gluten-free eating as, “the new cool eating disorder, the ‘basically I just don’t eat carbs.’” Her criticism created yet another flurry of controversy around the issue, encouraging nutritionists to urge people to eat what’s right for their bodies, not just popular with the masses.’s Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, reported, “I’ve seen people on a gluten-free diet declare that they can’t eat something that doesn’t contain gluten at all—they’ve become overall carb phobic, and that’s unfortunate. A healthy, balanced diet requires some whole food sources of carbohydrate, and the truth is not all carbs are created equal.” The trend towards cleansing as “purging” can be a “slippery slope” into the territory of eating disorders, Sass says.

Instead, diets should be personalized. Every body needs different foods and different amounts of carbohydrates in order to thrive. The solution to determining which foods are best for you lies in your epigenetic profile—the way your genes are expressed in your body.

ph360 has a corroborative yet entirely distinct approach to diet, one rooted in the individual’s epigenetic and hormonal profile. If you’ve been using the gluten-free diet as a way to lose weight, rather than a medically-dictated dietary restriction, there may be a much healthier way to reach your unique healthy weight.

Each ph360 plan provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal wellness. Using scientific calculations of your gene expression and individual biomarkers for personalized health, you will have access to highly targeted solutions for any health challenges you face currently. Moreover, you’ll be able to make diet and lifestyle changes based on your epigenetic profile that may help you prevent future disease.

While there are certainly individuals who must avoid gluten for medical reasons, randomly cutting out foods in the attempt to lose weight is deeply misguided. Instead of depriving one’s body, the solution is to learn what really works for your individual constitution and genetic and hormonal profile.The only path to an effective diet and lasting health is one that is personalized.

So while Jennifer Lawrence may not be a nutritionist or dietitian, the logic behind her comments is strong—bodies don’t need to be deprived according to the latest fad diets, they need to be nourished according to their specific demands. Take the first step towards discovering what your body needs today at!

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