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When I first started exploring my ph360 FOOD dashboard, I have to admit: I was overwhelmed. My Foods to Avoid list was filled to the brim with foods I ate every day. And my Foods to Eat list was filled with a lot of foods I’d never even heard of. I had to take a moment to remind myself why I was doing this: I was tired of fatigue, of recurring illness, of skin problems, digestive troubles, extra weight, and a multitude of other daily physical complaints.

Above all, I wanted to feel happy about the foods I was eating. I had tried pretty much every diet imaginable, the most recent of which was the low-carb diet. And although ph360 suggested I avoid processed sugars and flours, it was clear that whole grains and fruit sugars were actually important parts of the diet it proposed.

In fact, I think the most encouraging thing about my FOOD dashboard was that it didn’t feel like a diet. Instead, it was an adjustment in how I thought about food. Rather than thinking solely about flavor, I was suddenly considering nutrients, vitamins, digestion, and the times of day I should be eating. Notably, it recommended that I eat breakfast, a meal I often skipped.

So before I let my overwhelm take over, I decided to engage in my own personal food revolution. For me, this started at the grocery store.

I made a list of all of my 5-star foods and promised myself I would try five new things from the store that day. I also made a private agreement not to buy anything below 3-star.

Walking into the grocery store I saw things in an entirely new light. There were five 5-star foods I was determined to sample, two of which I’d never eaten before, ever: Fennel, endive, grapefruit, lemon, and sesame seeds. Although fennel and endive were new to me, I had spent a bit of time searching recipes online and decided to make a salad with these ingredients and Himalayan sea salt.

Arriving home with bags full of foods that would supposedly transform me from the inside out, I felt excited. Would they give me unprecedented levels of energy?

I threw together a quick salad with those 5-star foods, and was thrilled at how good it all tasted to me. Who knew I loved fennel and endive?! That night, I went to bed feeling nourished but not bloated. Balanced.

The next few days, I had to force myself to eat breakfast, a meal I wasn’t used to. But I quickly found that the sugar cravings I used to experience between 11 am and 3 pm were disappearing. My body really was changing!

Newly inspired, I cleared the kitchen of any foods that weren’t on my 3-, 4-, or 5-star lists. It’s been super fun to get creative in the kitchen, and bring my list to the farmers market, butcher and local fishmonger. I love knowing that these foods are so good for me, and being able to feel the difference so immediately!

Discover your own 5-star food list today on ph360.

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