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Every week we hear more amazing ph360 success stories. They’re so inspiring that we can’t help but share them with you here on the blog. This week we want to introduce you to Paul, a customer service representative in Nevada who lost 30 pounds in his first 10 weeks using ph360.

Paul has a family history of diabetes, and was no stranger to the pain and trouble it caused them. And as he watched the numbers climbing on his own scale, he saw himself headed down the same road.

But Paul didn’t want that to be the end of his story. He’s a single father and wanted to be healthy for his daughter, to be able to play with her and witness her growth over many decades to come. Paul said, “My daughter deserves to have a dad that can keep up with her, with the energy to do things like play soccer with her and take her hiking, and who will still be alive and healthy when she has children of her own.”

We couldn’t agree more! And we were thrilled when Paul signed up to be a beta tester for ph360. He had tried a ton of other dietweight loss, and exercise programs in the past, and nothing had worked. Paul described starving himself for a week or two, and then binging when he couldn’t take any more deprivation. In the end, he’d usually gain weight rather than lose it.

With the other exercise programs Paul had been on, he never saw any noticeable changes.

But ph360 was completely different. The first thing that Paul loved about it was that it was completely personalized. Every recommendation was specifically tailored to his body, and his body’s needs. Paul said, “ph360 is so right for my body that it has been easy to follow and fast to see results. I’ve watched my body literally transform over the past 2 months. I have muscles now where there used to be a beer belly!”

What changed? Paul’s diet and exercise routines transformed as a result of the suggestions he found on his ph360 FOOD and FITNESS dashboards. He cut out beefprocessed foods, and salt, and stopped drinking sugary juices. He also added a daily vegetable juice and lots of water, ate grilled chickenasparagus, and white fish, and had a clove of garlic a day.

At the gym or at home, Paul lifted less weight and did more reps. He was amazed to find that this gave him more energy and increased his muscle mass more than heavy weights. His neck and mid-torso leaned out using this approach, giving him new levels of confidence.

Paul wakes up with energy every morning, where before he would hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times. And he no longer has cravings for sugar and junk food. Instead, he’s actually fantasizing about eating vegetables.

10 weeks ago, Paul weighed 250 pounds, was tired all the time and bordering on depression. He has now lost 30 pounds, completely changed the shape of his body, has more energy than ever, and feels happy and excited about life.

“I can’t afford a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a life coach to give me all of this advice—but with ph360 I don’t need to. It’s like the system just knows who I am and exactly what I need,” Paul reports.

He’s excited to use it throughout his life to stay on track and healthy. “I never want to stop feeling this good,” he exclaimed.

We don’t want you to stop, either!

Start your own journey to greater health today at!

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