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ph360 is thrilled to feature a guest blog post this week from user Diana Anderson.

When I moved from Boise to Ketchum, Idaho in September of 2011, I was not just excited about a change in scenery, I was thrilled at the opportunity to spend more time being active outdoors. Little did I know my whole life was about to change—and not for the better.

I moved with rose-colored visions of hiking and skiing in the pristine Idaho mountains, and a plan to start my own business in a quaint mountain town. Yet soon after my arrival I started to experience a wide range health symptoms that quickly took over almost every waking moment.

First, I began feeling fatigue, foggy brain, muscle weakness, and shortness of breath. Then came the severe, debilitating headaches. I kept waking up to these symptoms, and would do my best to convince myself that they would pass. Yet day after day, they only got worse.

Over the next month, my skin started breaking out, I had awful pain in my joints, I developed shingles and sinus problems, and I got sick often. I went to every doctor and naturopath I could find, even those recommended to me by concerned friends and family. Nothing worked: Not traditional treatments, and not alternative treatments.

Finally, after two years of suffering like this day in and day out, a friend of mine told me about ph360. I was initially skeptical, as I had learned to be given the utter lack of support I’d found anywhere. But my skepticism was equally matched by my frustration and desire to feel better. If it meant trying yet another promised cure, I’d do it.

Signing up for ph360, I was amazed at how thorough the intake assessment was—I was able to detail every symptom I’d been having, and within moments, I had a full report of lifestyle suggestions. Including one extremely shocking detail: ph360 advised that I would not do well living at high altitudes in a cold weather climate. Instead, it suggested that I live in a warm climate at low altitude.

Of all the suggestions I’d heard over the past two years, none of them had been so specific, and so relevant. Within three days, I’d packed my bags and moved back to lower ground in Boise. And in the week that followed, nearly all of my symptoms disappeared. Two weeks later, I had my life back—every debilitating symptom I had was gone.

I was also able to target my long-standing skin problems, as ph360 advised that I was eating too many leafy greens for my rosacea. When I began eating the foods that ph360 recommended and eliminating those on the FOODS TO AVOID list, my skin healed and began looking truly healthy.

My experience with ph360 has literally brought me back to life. I recommend it every chance I get, because I know the power of the program to heal even the most perplexing health challenges. I’m so grateful I get to keep using ph360 as an ally in my health and wellness throughout my life.

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