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Dear Valued Members,

On behalf of the global ph360 ph-amily, our hearts and prayers go out to all of our members, partners and affiliates spanning more than 120+ countries, and to all those who have suffered or lost loved ones across the world. We are truly sorry for the global pandemic that is occurring right now. And you know what, we can help.

Not only have we been unknowingly preparing for this moment in our world history, but feel it is our responsibility to step forward to offer the help and solutions that are needed to prevent illness and save lives.

It’s times like these that allow us all to rise above the norm, to forget about the standard rules or the things in life that don’t really matter, and to all come together with open arms to collaborate and bring solutions to some of the world’s most unsolvable issues, affecting all of our friends and family at both a personal and global level.

At ph360 HQ, we have spent the past few decades developing what is now being labelled as the world’s leading personal health intelligence – a pioneering technology that can help identify, recommend, and support each unique individual with their precise personal health needs.

Regarding COVID-19, there is no vaccine or drug to prevent the disease. The best advice we currently have, as per the WHO and CDC guidelines, is to wash our hands and disinfect surfaces, don’t touch others or your nose and mouth, avoid public places, and stay at home as first lines of medical action. What we feel is lacking here is proactive health advice to help calm the fear and uncertainty that is currently spreading as much as the virus itself.

The fact is, the most proactive and effective thing that EVERYONE can and SHOULD be doing right now is strengthening their immune system to its maximum capacity – it’s our body’s natural defence against illness and viruses, it’s how we are designed, and it works.

Our team has been working around the clock, and we believe we have a viable and scalable preventative health solution to help combat COVID-19. We have just finished developing specific 10 day Immune Boosting protocols for each unique individual – which can be implemented by simply eating natural and healthy foods – and we feel a responsibility as a leading global health and wellness organization to share this with EVERYONE in the world, for FREE. But to do this successfully and at scale, we need your help.

So right now we are putting a call out to anyone who is reading this and resonates with the fact we can all play a role during this global pandemic. If this is you, please get in touch with us and we will find a way you can help. We have seen hundreds of incredible and selfless volunteers show up in the past during times like this to share their gifts, passion, time and genius for the greater good, and we would love to welcome you alongside the most amazing, passionate heart-centred souls that are just rolling up their sleeves to help their fellow members of humanity. Simply enter your details here and one of our superstars we will be in touch.

What does this mean for current members? Any current ph360 or Shae member will receive an email and Immune Booster alert in their account within the next 7 days. Click to activate, and Shae will automatically adjust your food and recipe lists to boost your personal immune health foods, and activate your free 10-day Immune Booster protocol. This might include an increase in vitamins or minerals such as zinc or sulphur, or increase the ranking of certain foods such as mushrooms, garlic, berries, and teas. Of course, this will be different and personalized for everyone!

What does this mean for the public? We are inviting you to share this gift for free with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone in your networks. You just never know whose life you may save. Many have been exposed and are asymptomatic, and many still remain unaffected for now, hopefully forever. Now is the time to share this gift, and it’s time to act fast. This has the potential to help everyone. We are removing all barriers to spreading this technology – it is a simple 10 day protocol of natural foods that everyone will need to buy from the shops anyway, and we are making it free. They can also download the Shae app for free. Please share this now. Please help us, and your loved ones make a difference.

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In closing, we once again send out our love, thoughts and prayers to all those who have been affected and hope that you and your family can stay safe during this unfortunate period. We also take this opportunity to rally together, and invite you to join us in our collective mission and vision of a healthy and happy world. One without sickness, or disease.

And finally, thank you in advance for your patience with any interruption to our services or schedules over the upcoming weeks as we continue to comply with all national guidelines, global recommendations, and any restrictions that may be imposed. We are working hard to put the health and safety of all our members, our team and our global community at the forefront of all our efforts right now.

Yours in health, safety and collaboration,


Matt Riemann
ph360 Founder & CEO

If you would like to be involved, please click here and share your why.

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