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It has become a tradition to create a New Year’s resolution. To start a new year with a fresh new resolve and determination – a clean slate if you like. But what’s stopping us from creating a resolution at any time of year?


Because we’re all unique, it’s often easier to start a program, plan or simply stick to a resolution at different times. Maybe your hormones will help you to achieve your goals when the sun is out, maybe you need a countdown to start, maybe you need the support of all your friends doing the same thing, maybe you need to be completely immersed and distraction free, away from your day-to-day life to really take the plunge?

When you find out the ways your mind and body work, you have the power to choose your path. Understanding what comes easily for you – like your strengths and natural thought processes can help you achieve your goals with least resistance.

For example, if you wanted to start eating healthily for your body and you knew:

  • You would have more motivation by focussing on your rewards rather than the process.
  • Your motivation levels would be higher when the temperature outside was warm.
  • You would benefit from setting a date and then starting your new plan.

Then you could easily set yourself up for success by following those guidelines – knowing that your mind and body would cooperate because you’re working with your natural tendencies!

We all have different ways that help us to achieve our goals. Think about these as you make your resolutions during the year and luckily enough, PH360 is a tool that can tell you exactly what you need to know!

As soon as you find out how your mind and body works – well, there’s no stopping you!  🙂

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