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New evidence suggests that your genetic background has a lot to do with the climate your body is best suited for.

Geomedicine is the study of the effects of the environment on health. It turns out that not all body types thrive in every environment. So if your ancestors were Vikings who spent their time hunting, fishing, boating and surviving in frigid and windy climates, and you live in a hot, humid and tropical place, you may be more more prone to certain health problems.

Why? The environment in which your ancestors evolved may be ideally suited for your unique genetic profile. The temperature range, levels of humidity, seasonal changes, and amount of light in that environment optimally support your phenotype—the way your genes look in their physical expression (translation: what you see when you look in the mirror).

But what if you live halfway across the world from where your ancestors hail, and don’t intend on moving back to the motherland? That’s where vacations come in.

A vacation is not only a time to take a break from work and the normal hectic pace of life, it’s also a chance to go somewhere where your body can recharge and reconnect with its roots. Don’t you think your genes deserve a vacation, too? When you take a vacation to one of the places your DNA originated, you give your body an opportunity to relax into its natural, ancient patterns of health and wellness.

So the next time you’re planning a getaway, consider where your great grandparents lived as your ideal destination. Wish you could figure out the best time of year to go? The epigenetically smart algorithm behind ph360 can not only help you determine the best place to take a vacation, but also the best month for your travel and wellness regimen. And for this month only, ph360’s Lifetime Membership is available for just $97.

Start exploring the potent world of your epigenetic profile today, and discover how your genes can reveal your ideal vacation spot.

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