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Last Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved market release of a new anti-obesity drug called Contrave, manufactured by Orexigen. Yet public and expert reception of the drug has been marred by a lack of disclosure about an associated cardiovascular trial. After all, Contrave was previously denied approval by the FDA due to a host of side effects, ranging from hypertension to seizures to suicidal thoughts. Sound dangerous? We’d like to think there’s a better, and longer lasting, means to weight loss happiness.

With almost one third of Americans suffering from obesity, market need for weight loss solutions is clearer than ever. Yet the lukewarm success of the two other FDA-approved weight loss drugs currently on the market, Arena’s Belviq and Vivus’s Qsymia, does not bode well for Contrave.

Health experts around the globe scrutinized the efficacy and safety of such drugs, especially as many look to personalized health solutions like the new Apple Watch and Health app.

Dr. Phillip Wuth, M.D. of Carina Medical and Specialist Care asserted that, “A personalized approach to weight loss is the only way to achieve faster, long-lasting results. People want a pill to take away the damage they’ve done to their bodies for decades, but the answer won’t come from the pharmaceutical industry. They’ve got to change the way they live.”

Wuth also commented on the advent of technology like the Apple Watch, claiming, “Personalized health technologies are going to lead the way for patients to partner with their physicians to find weight loss solutions that work without jeopardizing cardiovascular health.”

Which is exactly where ph360 comes into play. provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal weight loss and overall wellness. Using scientific calculations of each user’s gene expression and their individual biomarkers for personalized weight loss, has a superior weight loss track record.

Why? The weight loss wisdom that comes from your own DNA has the power to target not just weight loss, but also the underlying causes of weight gain. So that weight that’s lost stays lost. has trialed its weight loss platform with more than 1,000 users since June, after a decade of research and input from 10,000 patients went into its development.

Are you ready to change the way you lose weight—for good? Start exploring your own weight loss revolution today. No pills necessary!

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