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By Toni Morberg

I’m a tracker.  I have a fitbit and a heart-rate monitor and I use them both to track to my activity. I’ve tracked my food consumption with a dozen different tools. I’ve read every list on “get fit, lose weight, look hot” and “eat this, not that” that there is. I’ve tried every kind of exercise out there including running and crossfit. I went up and down 5 pounds monthly.

I’m 5 feet tall. I weigh 104 pounds and I am fifty years old (fifty! yikes!).  I have been working out regularly for 25 years, ever since I quite SMOKING. Yes, I did that. I have been counting calories for 35 years. Recently, I quit that too.

I traded up. I traded my macro/micro nutrient counter and all those lists and info bytes and apps for ph360. What is ph360? An online health and wellness program designed to bring you personalized health. It offers recommendations for food, fitness and environment as well as insights into your mind, talents and social style. Every single aspect of it is completely personalized for your unique self.

I read up on the science. ph360 takes into account a host of relevant data – indications of your gene expression (Epigenetics), your hormone levels (Endocrinology), your body type (Phenotypology) and about 7 other sciences. It combines this with your family history and lifestyle information, runs it through a series of algorithms and then provides you with an interactive platform to find your best you.

I can’t wait. ph360 is now developing a mobile health platform, Shae™. Shae™ is going to revolutionize health. It is going to integrate with any fitness devices I already use, it’s going to give me real-time recommendations on everything from food to water to fitness to the route I should take to work. It will have a schedule optimizer, a sleep assistant and it is going to integrate all of my info into one interactive location and take my health to the next level. And I need it. I’m ffffffifty!

So far, based on my ph360 recommendations, I lift weights twice a week, do a metabolic workout twice a week and alternate yoga, pilates and mountain biking on the other 3 days of the week. On any given day, I am between 80% and 100% compliant with my food recommendations. My weight hasn’t fluctuated since I began using ph360 (many start to lose right off – I don’t have any to lose). I have more energy, more vitality, I sleep better, I look better. I traded up and I finally got what I’d been looking for.

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