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When you think about health, you probably think about doctors and hospitals. Maybe you even think about exercise, healthy eating, and stress levels. Health, for most people, is a very personal thing. It’s about how feel, how eat, how much exercise get.

When you think about health, you rarely consider your community, your country, or even the whole world. Health can be a very personal and private matter, but you health also has an impact on others around you and the wider community. In a world where we are increasingly more connected by technology and everything is online, including health through apps like ph360 and the new ShaeTM, it is inevitable that the state of your health has a far greater effect than just on you.

Consider this common occurrence: you develop the flu. It’s nothing serious or life-threatening, but it is uncomfortable and inconvenient. This is a personal experience that you are going through; you’re feeling unwell, achy, and sick. But you are certainly not the only one affected by your sickness. You may have gone into work while you still felt well enough to do so, but this results in several of your co-workers catching the flu also. It spreads around the office and before you know it half the team is off sick and that project you were all working hard on is looking like it will not be delivered on time.

Now this isn’t to say that this is in any way your fault, but it is just a small example of how one individual’s very personal and individual health related experience can have a wider impact.

If you consider this on a bigger scale, it becomes clear how important the health of the individual is to the health and success of a community – local or global. We are all connected and, we as individuals, make up the world as it is today. If we want the world to be a healthier, happier, more positive place, we must start by considering our own health and how it may impact on those around us.

This can all seem a little overwhelming. It can be hard enough to know exactly what’s right for you as individual, let alone trying to worry about the health of the rest of the world! But this isn’t about worry – it’s about awareness. Apps like ph360 and the revolutionary new ShaeTM, make it a breeze to figure out exactly what you need for optimal health. We need each other to survive. We need our communities and they need us. As long as we put our health first and remember that it has a wider impact than that of just ‘me’, then our communities will continue to prosper, and we, as the human race, can do great things.

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