4 Things Shae Does That Siri Can’t Do

Shae Shae
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Siri is the Virtual Assistant we’ve all dreamed of. As soon as you hold down that iPhone button or call out ‘Hey, Siri!’, her soothing voice is immediately there to offer assistance. It’s like something you might have seen in The Jetsons except it’s not made up and it’s not a cartoon. To imagine that you can ask a question and get an answer from a virtual assistant is astonishing. The future is now!

As amazing as she is, though, Siri has her limitations. She can’t do everything, especially when it comes to health. But not to worry – what Siri lacks in virtual health assistant abilities, ShaeTM, her health conscious pal, more than makes up for.

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Here are 4 things that Shae excels at, that Siri isn’t quite capable of:

1. Tailors her responses to your questions specifically to you. Ask Siri a health question and she will give you an answer, but it will be generic and probably generated from a google search. Ask Shae a health question and she will give you an answer tailored to your body and based on your unique phenotype. No one person gets the same answer.

2. Updates responses to your questions to better suit you as you change. Asking Siri the question on two separate occasions will likely result in the same answer. Shae, on the other hand, gives you accurate and timely recommendations on how to stay healthy. She is a virtual health assistant that integrates with your wearables and other external data sources to be able to update your suggestions according to your activity level, changes in heart rate, travel plans, weather and climate so that as your body and environment change, so too do Shae’s nutrition recommendations for you.

3. Talks to you in real time to help keep you feeling good physically and mentally. Siri doesn’t speak unless spoken to. She’ll answer a question, sure, but Shae knows when you’re most likely to catch the cold or flu, are more susceptible to stress, or might gain a few extra pounds. Shae takes evasive measures and alerts you in advance of the foods, activities and environments that are best for you and which you should avoid at any given time. Shae’s proactive about keeping your immune system, metabolism and mind running strong.

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4. Finds restaurants and grocery stores with foods that are best for you. Siri can find a local grocery store or restaurant for you but the recommendation is based solely on Yelp reviews and not your unique dietary needs. Shae finds local grocery stores or restaurants in your area serving the meal that’s perfect for you today (and of course, one that has great reviews) and even orders it to arrive at your doorstep. Now that’s an assistant!

Technology has come a long way and Siri is a testament to the human race’s ability to innovate. It is truly exciting that Siri has paved the way to virtual health assistants that make our lives easier, including Alexa, Cortana and Google Now. As mentioned recently in the press, wearable technology and smart tech like Siri and Shae are coming together to make health practical and easy. And now the next level of virtual health assistance is here – one that not only makes our lives easier but also our bodies and minds healthier. Shae makes health effortless – it’s the perfect assistant.

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