5 Ways to Stay Sane During Holiday Mayhem

Shae Shae
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The holidays can be full of fun festivities, but all the fun and socializing can often lead to holiday burnout. Not to mention managing all the tempting foods and potentially tricky family dynamics. What’s an adult committed to maintaining their healthy lifestyle to do? ph360 recommends staying committed to 5 principles of sanity to keep yourself balanced and vibrant during the most hectic months of the year.

  1. Do You. Herd mentality can be strong over the holidays, particularly if you’re spending them with your extended family. The best way to make sure you’re getting the healthy food and exercise you need is to remember that it’s ok to be different. Moreover, you don’t need to intrude on anyone else’s routine, or malign their choices, in order to justify your own. It’s ok to be different! Our DNA made us that way.
  2. Say No. Overwhelmed by party invites and already dreading the string of sugar and alcohol hangovers that lies in the months ahead? Just say no! It’s ok to do things your own way. You don’t need to go to every cocktail hour, and you certainly don’t have to drink and sugar binge at every social gathering. Feel free to use your, “No thanks,” as freely as you feel the need!
  3. Focus on Fun. Remember why we have holidays to begin with? Let fun be the focus, and things will instantly lighten up with your family and friends. If an event is becoming crazy stressful, take a step back and brainstorm how you might delegate responsibilities to ease your load. Remember that what’s stressful to you might be fun to someone else (and vice versa, of course).
  4. Take Personal QT. When all the socializing gets to be too much, take a moment (or a few hours) to be by yourself in a setting that refills your proverbial bucket. Whether that means taking a walk, taking a nap, doing yoga, or otherwise clearing your mind, remember that it’s ok to take time alone to reassert your sanity.
  5. Relax. If all else fails, just relax. Remember that things might fall apart every now and again, and there’s always time to pick up the pieces and start fresh tomorrow. Take a deep breath and know that relaxing in the midst of total mayhem is a great way to gain a different perspective.

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