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If you play team sports, or are part of a large family or work at a company, it is typically true that what is good for one person in the group, is good for all people in that group. This is also accurate in the human body. It is easy to think of the body as many separate parts. We have skin, a heart, lungs, teeth, feet, blood vessels and thousands of more parts we can list that belong to the whole. However, just like with a team, the body works as one. The feet can’t move without the heart and brain. The eyes don’t interpret data without the nervous system, a blood supply and muscles to move the eyes around. Each part of the body is dependent on the whole in order to operate. Can you think of any one function of your body that is able to be completed one its own, independent of any other system or part? No, the body doesn’t work that way.

Because of this dependent, synergistic relationship, everything good that we do for our body is good for every part of the whole and, unfortunately, everything bad that we do for our body effects every part of the entirety, including our thoughts and activities. Keep this important concept in mind, I planned my days carefully when I am babysitting my grandkids. Not untypical for grandmothers of my biotypes, when my grand kids are very loud, with huge amounts of energy, this can tax my vitality.

Yet I know this upfront, so I have a fabulous solution.  Because I feel most relaxed when I am in nature, I take my grandchildren into nature when we are playing together for long periods of time. I take them hiking or down by the river on the paths that wind around. They run, play, explore and their loud voices are music in the air with the birds instead of echoing off the walls of my home. We spend hours together while my soul, body and mind are feed by the soothing peace of nature and my heart is filled with joy while relishing the time spent with my grandkids. It is the best of all worlds for me. It nourishes me better than the most nutritious meal ever could. Every cell in my body is happy, and that is good for my health, mood, and longevity.

The photo for this post was taken on a day when they didn’t have the right coats for a hike, so both of my grandkids are wearing my coats and hats. We had a super fun hike and everyone enjoyed themselves.

What feeds for your soul, mind, heart or mood? What are ways that you can improve your health without sitting at the dining table? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Play your favorite sport with your kids, friends or a team
  • Dance like no one is watching to your favorite music
  • Take up a new sport like golf, skiing or biking
  • Take photographs of things you love to see and share them with others
  • Teach a class on something you are passionate about
  • Set up a monthly dinner with friends, family or a social group you enjoy
  • Make time for a walk outdoors each day
  • Play a game on your phone or computer
  • Check in with Facebook and comment on friend’s posts
  • Send birthday cards to people you love
  • Start a garden
  • Cook new recipes with a friend

There are literally unlimited possibilities of things you can do. The point is to do things that make you feel happy. When your mood is lifted, your mind works better and so does every other part and system in your magical, marvelous body. Make everyday fun and your health will improve naturally.

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