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When life gets busy, what’s the first thing that slips off your schedule? For me, sadly, it’s exercise. So after I had kids and time to myself became less and less common, finding a free hour (or even 30 minutes) to work out started to seem like a gargantuan task.

But after I started to use ph360, I discovered something that changed everything: Exercise doesn’t have to happen at the gym, in a yoga studio, or on a run.

I know. It’s a life-changing revelation. And I’m sure you’re thinking: Where am I supposed to exercise if it’s not at the gym, in a class, or on the road or trail?

I was equally surprised when ph360 specified that my ideal workout didn’t make use of any fancy equipment. All of the exercises recommended for me were ones I could easily do at home.

I immediately went out and got weights, and as I started spending time working out on the days recommended, my perspective about working out at home totally changed.

Here are some ways I found to implement the genius ideas ph360 gave me for fitting a workout into my busy schedule. And bonus: They were all tailored to my specific needs!

  • Schedule it in: I got serious about putting workouts on my schedule, giving them just as much importance as a work meeting. This changed everything for me. And I didn’t let myself cancel those dates with my body if something else came up!
  • Childcare: I found a gym with free childcare that my kids love, and found ways to stop off at the gym after school. Kids are happy, and now Mommy’s happy, too.
  • Exercise first: Sticking to my new ph360 regimen has given me more energy anyway, so it’s been easy to wake up early and work out at home before my family is awake. I keep my ph360 FITNESS dashboard open and implement my Personalized Workout, no equipment necessary!
  • Multi-squat, or ahem, Multi-task: I love doing squats and lunges while brushing my teeth, or on a conference call, or doing ab work in bed before falling asleep. It’s the perfect way to take care of myself while staying on track with my daily schedule and work needs.

I’d love to hear how your ph360 journey is going—let me know in comments below! And be sure to check out the amazing ph360 Lifetime Membership on sale through August only. I wish I’d started out with a Lifetime Membership—I know now how invaluable that truly is. Buy here.

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